Actors, Models, Dancers 

Actors must be conscious of keeping their personal identity separate from the character they play. When immersing oneself into a character, it is easy to become unaware of the effects of that role – of how it gradually seeps into your psyche. Over time, there is a danger that your true identity can become hidden or lost along the way. By learning to associate and disassociate after the conclusion of a scene or project, you can bring your real self back to reality.

Developmental Areas Include…

  • On set focus and attention

  • Relationships with cast, crew, director, manager, agent, etc.

  • Disassociating from your character

  • Staying grounded on location

  • Handling media effectively and avoiding traps and pitfalls

  • Families and relationships

  • Managing two or more households

  • Multiple actors in one household

  • Knowing whom you are and protecting your true identity

  • Separating personal and professional life

  • Safeguarding self and family

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