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Entertainment industry employers are not psychiatrists or counselors and rely heavily on the individual client’s mental stamina to withstand the pressures associated with a high profile lifestyle. The emotional health of the artist can impact performance and success. Many common and unforeseen problems, which happen to all artists, can be diverted or avoided. Protecting critical industry assets is important to a sustainable business model.

What can Shading the Limelight do for you? We can become the “emotional gatekeeper” for your artist and/or their parents. You will have more time to spend on developing and managing their career. We can set up a preventative program to guide your artist into sound judgment, resourceful decision-making, and avoiding negative publicity. Working with artists before problems arise will ensure more effective and faster outcome. We are able to encourage, promote, and assess optimum health early while building the foundation in the whole self of the artist.

Developmental Areas Include…

  • Strengthening relationships with artists

  • Creative control and boundaries

  • Relationships with parents of young stars

  • Focus on managing the career and not the drama

  • Preventing tabloid tragedies

  • Assessing current interpersonal dynamics

  • Preventative management

  • Intervention

All clients are regarded with the highest level of confidentiality.