Cristi Williams


With over 15 years in the Entertainment Industry, personally and professionally, as well as being an educator for 17 years, I provide workshops and coaching services to world-renowned artists. Clients with whom I am affiliated include Sony, Universal, RockMafia, Nickelodeon, Disney Records, Atlantic Records, Walt Disney Studios, Treadwell Entertainment, Talent GPS, Hollywood Records, and TV Networks (ABC/NBC/Fox/CW/Lifetime).

My greatest and most fulfilling accomplishment has been raising my daughter, Hayley. She is now a Grammy Award Winning artist and the lead singer of Paramore. Entering the entertainment business over a decade ago opened my eyes firsthand to what young men and women experience. This adventure taught me how important it is to have a balanced life as well as a great support system.

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I grew up in theatre, dance, and modeling. My 17 years as a classroom teacher with a Master’s degree in Education and a Minor in Counseling played a major part in my life, giving me a background of mentoring and guiding others. I’ve worn many hats during my life’s journey (teacher, tour manager/public relations, presenter, personal assistant, advocate, choreographer, stage manager/producer, and mom). I have experience helping people from all facets of the industry providing them with the best tools to discover how to manage and cultivate relationships and balance their personal and professional lives.


My concerns and heart are for young adult entertainers as well as families in the business trying to put their life into perspective while being influenced and pulled in many directions; specializing in teen and young adult behaviors, motivations, and relationships. Creating a flexible and in-depth

artist-success model while partnering up with major labels, production companies, and studios has resulted in what is now, Shading the Limelight.

My work has expanded into guest speaking, assessing educational programs, writing curriculum, developing and facilitating workshops for major entertainment studios, including Walt Disney, on empowering topics. In 2011, I had the unique opportunity to be Co-Executive Producer for a character education video called “Walk Away” and co-authored the Teacher’s Guide aligned to State Standards.