Britton Copeland

Britton Copeland completed her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Entertainment at Belmont University.


Growing up, she had dreams of pursuing a career as a model and actor. After just a few years of dipping her toes in the modeling industry, she became aware of the unhealthy and toxic environment that many young women face in these settings. Deciding that her health was her biggest priority, she quit modeling and gained a passion for protecting her physical, mental, and emotional health.

Upon attending Belmont University, she was still interested in working within the entertainment industry in a different way.


She fell in love with public relations, all things social media, branding and writing, and decided to pursue a degree in Public Relations and Entertainment. After taking Cristi’s life changing course, she became even more aware of the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, especially in the entertainment industry.

Britton participated in a podcast project led by Cristi with eight other seniors called “College Conversations.” After spending a semester in class with Cristi, followed by a semester working on the podcast, Britton developed a meaningful relationship with Cristi surrounded by trust and respect.

After graduating from Belmont, Britton began working with Cristi to write her memoir-style novel. Along with writing the novel, she is also using her knowledge of public relations, marketing, and organizational skills to work as Cristi’s personal assistant for her upcoming courses, projects, and other exciting endeavors. Britton plans to continue her passion of writing while working and growing with Cristi.