Stephanie Hajjar

Stephanie Hajjar is a NLP Master Practitioner, as well as a Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach. In addition to her commendable professional certifications, she also has a BBA in Music Business from Belmont University. Stephanie’s path to pursuing this line of work began at a young age, spending much of her childhood and teen years playing music, competitive sports, and performing in the theatre.

Since her youth, she recalls having been observant of other people, learning from their successes and mistakes in order to model their success and avoid making the same errors - in health, relationships, career, and other aspects of life. As her journey to improving her own quality of life unfolded at a young age, so did her desire to pass on the knowledge and experience she gained to ensure others could minimize suffering and maximize joy and fulfillment.

Upon completing a “life-changing” course at Belmont University taught by Cristi Williams, her interest in coaching began. Emotional wellness coaching was the perfect blend of her passions - health and wellness, entertainment, and helping others. Quickly after the course, Stephanie sought and completed approximately three years of apprenticeship with Cristi. While simultaneously earning her Music Business degree, she managed both a New York City-based band and Nashville-based duo, and interned at an esteemed artist management company and independent record label in Nashville.

With over 8 years of devotion to the wellness and entertainment industries - understanding how the body and mind are interconnected - Stephanie applies a proactive, holistic, and cutting-edge approach to coaching that allows for groundbreaking results. 


Stephanie aims to assist entertainers who are experiencing the innate trials and tribulations that come with (seeking) success in the entertainment industry. It is her sole mission to help her clients maximize their potential and enhance overall well-being by equipping them with the tools necessary to find equilibrium in their lives.


All clients are regarded with the highest level of confidentiality.

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