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"Cristi Williams came into mine and my daughter’s lives at the perfect time. Our small family was walking through the darkest time we had ever walked through together and Cristi helped us so much. The darkness has passed and life is GREAT now. Thank you, Cristi!"

~ Brian “Head” Welch, KoRn

Brian “Head” Welch, KoRn 
Debbie Carroll, VP of MusiCares, Nashville

“MusiCares has been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to partner with Cristi multiple times over the years.  Cristi’s expertise is vast and her knowledge of the entertainment industry is not only professional, but also personal.  This dynamic allows Cristi to approach each individual with a unique lens, which adds tremendous value and authenticity.  The entertainment industry can be complex, challenging and difficult.  Cristi is intimately aware of those challenges and has the wisdom to help any individual tackle those challenges.  She maintains the highest level of integrity in all that she does and she is deeply dedicated to addressing all facets of health and wellness within the entertainment industry.  The industry is incredibly fortunate to have her and her work is making a tremendous difference.”

~ Debbie Carroll, VP of MusiCares, Nashville

rachel dipillo.jpg
Rachel DiPillo, Actress ABC/NBC/CW 

"I have two words for you: Cristi. Williams. In single and group sessions, we've studied balancing personal lives and work, analyzing behaviors, cultivating personal spirituality, setting goals, and evaluating life experience to safeguard well-being - all things key to maintaining a cool and collected frame of mind while cultivating a career in this crazy entertainment business. Seriously, who better to teach the youngsters in your life how to keep a balanced, proactive, savvy, and examined life than a woman who helped her own teenage daughter (a tough relationship to maintain, let alone successfully) stay grounded while becoming one of today's most distinguishable musicians? She may look like a sweet southern belle, but watch out - Cristi's no joke ya'll."   


~ Rachel DiPillo, Actress ABC/NBC/CW 

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Fletcher Foster & Halle Pinkham, Iconic Entertainment Group

"One introduction and four cups of coffee later, Cristi Williams became our favorite blessing of 2018. We consider her to be much more than a colleague -- She’s family. As artist managers in Nashville, TN., we look to surround our artists with the most genuine and sincere of people. Cristi is the poster child for that description. The thought, love, and effort she pours into her clients is truly one of a kind. We hired Cristi to impact the lives of our clients, but rather than doing just that, she managed to influence our entire team."

~ Fletcher Foster & Halle Pinkham, Iconic Entertainment Group

Criss Mann, Voice Season 2, Faircraft/Universal Republic Artist

It was immediately obvious to me that Cristi had reliable and reputable contacts in the music business, had dealt with the trials and tribulations of management issues, and was quite knowledgeable in the area of music publishing deals. Most importantly Cristi understood the emotional strain this business brings and was there for me when I needed an understanding ear. 


~ Chris Mann, The Voice, Season 2, Faircraft/Universal Republic Recording Artist

Courtney Clydesdale, Associate Producer for Chelsea Handler

"Being in Cristi's girls group has been an amazing experience for me over the past year. It has helped me grow both in my personal and career life. Cristi challenges each of us on our own level to think about what we really want out of life and the group provides like-minded friends to keep us motivated and headed in the right direction. It’s easy to get swept up in this industry but thanks to Cristi and my group of girls, I have learned the importance of stopping to ask myself what's really important and to take the time to see my goals and dreams through."

~ Courtney Clydesdale (Associate Producer for Chelsea Handler)


"My life has changed a lot in the last year and I have Cristi to thank for so much of that. At a point in life where I was feeling really low and insecure, she helped me pinpoint the reasons I was feeling that way and then move forward to a place of confidence. After just a few months of working with her, not only was my personal life feeling a million times more on track, but she also has been preparing me for my career with advice that is priceless. It’s rare to find someone who is able to help you become healthier in every area of your life but she seems to do just that. I honestly couldn’t be more thankful for Cristi and the way she’s impacted my life! " 

~ Anna Mae, Artist/Songwriter with Prescription Songs

Anna Mae, Artist/Songwriter with Prescription Songs
Skyler Day, Actress, NBC's "Parenthood"

 "Cristi Williams has been such a blessing in my life. It's been wonderful to be part of the girl's group she holds because it is made up of girls who are in the entertainment industry and who are experiencing the craziness of that world, just like me. The advice, encouragement, and support she has given me has helped me to stay true to myself and at the same time be a light in other people's lives while I'm chasing my dreams."  


~ Skyler Day, Actress, NBC's "Parenthood"

Brian Malouf, General Manager, Disney Records

"Cristi's individually designed programs teach invaluable skills to many of our artists, enabling them to address these challenges with confidence and resolve while maintaining a positive work/life balance. Simply put, Cristi's programs and on-going support to our talent make a measurable difference."

~ Brian Malouf, General Manager, Disney Records

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